to be raw and free and wonder-full



to let the body dance

and the heart breathe


to enter the rhythm of this moment

and listen to the song of your soul

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public yoga classes


the body the temple

the fire your path

to the doorway of the heart

back home

flow alive

ignite the midline

fire up the core

enter the rhythms

expand in these movements

play to be

invigorating flow class

to light up your spirit



private yoga classes

movement medicine

move from the heart

in the rhythm of your breath

into every corner of your being

so everything in you

can become alive and awake

full of light and love and gentleness

and an embrace of life

1h private yoga class $80

1h semiprivate yoga class $100

no public classes at the moment


biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy

practice sessions

rhythm alive

relational touch tuning into

fluid rhythms in the body

allowed to untangle

stretch release open grow


health restores naturally

deep flow

deep breath

deep peace

this offering is part of my training

to become a registered biodynamic cranio-sacral therapist 

it is active until I am fully registered in spring 2021

book @ tidal elements downtown vernon

#250 306 9283 or

or  book @ healing studio in armstrong

#250 938 3409

biodynamic cranio-sacral offering by sliding scale

for the months of February and March 2021

1h $50-75

1.5h $75-100

healing through presence

giving space

gentle touch invites

long lost friends

back into the light of awareness

friends angry sad confused afraid

tucked away because it hurt too much

now they drive your ship of life

from the unconsciousness

calling to be heared and seen

gentle touch listens

to release and set free

what was held onto for so long

newly found space opens

to expand with light and lightness

to realign with higher purpose

and remember belonging and love

1h healing session for adults $108

1.5 h healing session for adults $150

1h healing session for children

(12 years and under) $80


not fear but love

may guide your way


who you are




1803 Pleasant Valley Rd

Armstrong BC V0E 1B2

phone 250-546-0917

text 250-938-3409




i love to feel the dancing wind

to listen to the song of the sun

and to plug my heart

into my classes

to teach out of the potential

of the present moment

to create a space

where everyone feels safe

to connect within


biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy

(vernon, bc)

prana vinyasa flow yoga teacher training with shiva rea

(venice, california and kerala, india)

anusara inspired yoga teacher training

(nelson, bc)

healing touch/healing pathways

(vernon, bc)


(armstrong, bc)

specialisation in kundalini yoga

(france and germany)

path of light, spiritual healing, reflexology

specialisation in art therapy

(all berlin, germany)


phd "embodied media -

technology and embodiment in postmodern societies"

(free university of berlin,

department of historical anthropology, germany)

ma "history of educated bodies"

ba "embodiment of art"

(both technical university of berlin,

department of education, germany)



"i am so grateful to have found your practice.

it has changed my life. really."

kate melvin, armstrong


"i love yoga!

i need yoga!

i need to be here!"

kristi christian, armstrong

"your classes have thoroughly inspired me!

i look forward to each and every session!

you have an amazing gift!"

sarah lyster, armstrong


"i feel like glowing light"

alana brookes, armstrong


"you pull this flow into a room,

people can breathe around you"

michelle swanson, vernon

"i feel so blessed to have found you"

sada ellis, salmon arm

"absolute joy, emotionally, spiritually, physically.

hard work, and so rewarding!

the most beautiful yoga class i've ever been to!"

jc, vernon


"i am so happy you decided to teach these classes. my body is much happier with itself, i am much more in touch with it. but even more than that, i LOVE meditating! THANK YOU!"

lh, armstrong


"i knew in my heart from our first meeting that you were blessed with a profound gift. i just didn't realize just how dynamic. with your gentle guidance and amazing intuition... you took me to my core energy. i feel as though my heart is outside my body... i so feel you and the pureness of your spirit that you have so openly shared... how powerful the feeling of pure love is."

artus, kelowna

"most miraculous experience!

i felt, and still feel, so overjoyed!

i want to share it with everyone i love!"

laurissa defehr, armstrong




let me know if you have any questions,

are curious about something

or just to say hi!

all love



# 250 938 3409

1803 pleasant valley rd

armstrong bc V0E 1B2

breathe love

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